Software per hour

If I need Photoshop for a couple of hours every month, I have to buy the software for nearly a thousand euros. I don’t find that a very attractive proposition, and I’d like to introduce a new software pricing model. I would like to pay per hour!

A card from the future

Some science fiction products need no futuristic technology and should be implemented immdiately. Like the “multipass” from “The Fifth Element”.

Framing Jesus

Sometimes you have to be bold and alter the perspective on a classic master. Not because the original is imperfect or needs adjustment, but because you want to bring focus to the magnificent details created centuries ago by a great man.

Plan your death

Death is the only certainty in life. We could take more rigid control over the moment our live ends. How would that change our personal life and what would be the consequences for our society. Is death-planning an option?

Poster design

Every few months we have a concert. And every concert we need an audience to make the next program financially possible. To attract the crowds we call our family, email all our friends and create an event on facebook. And I design a poster.

My future phone

The increasing possibilities for communication and interaction via digital means makes one wondering what our smart-phone will look like in the near future. Will it still be a candy-bar with a touch screen, or could it look entirely different? And strikingly familiar at the same time perhaps…

James – your automated digital consumer assistant

If you compare products and services carefully, shop smart and change suppliers on the right moment, it is possible to save significant amounts of money. But I don’t like the activities involved. I would like James to do it for me.

The dog shit solution

Fighting dog shit in urban areas proves rather difficult. Fining the owner of the donating animal should help, but it proves difficult to do this. Maybe with a little modern technology the problem can be solved rather easily.

Autonomous driving in 2018

Traffic jams are mostly the result of the behaviour of rivers. Time to sack the human drivers and make room for more professional and reliable vehicle behaviour. And this time, maybe we could speed op the process of change a bit by using phased implementation.

Little China

Products are shipped all over the globe to make use of cheap labor. Wouldn’t it be more sensible to stop this eco-unfriendly transportation circus and get the goods produced where they’re needed. For the same price.